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Single Storey Extentions- Plan with us

An Extension is an excellent way achieving enough space in the case of a growing family. In most cases, the project is even better than constructing a new house, buying or even shifting to another place in the name of space. Modern Single Storey Extensions are equivalently constructed as the existing building, maintaining its beauty and standards.

The best way of attaining the best single storey extension is by developing ideas according to your needs before, and let the contractors help you formulate or develop the actual project. An extension is an investment that serves the current and the future needs of a family.

The single Storey Extension can be used for any purpose, such as a library, a bedroom, or a store giving ample space to your family

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What you must Know

  • Constructing a single storey extension is not expensive as constructing a double or multiple extensions
  • You may need to contact the authorities before an extension is constructed. That is to say, in case your building is situated in the town, attached to another or as indicated by law
  • With the help of the experts, Single Storey extension in Uxbridge is done without causing disturbances and you may not need to shift from the house

Advantages of a single Story Extension

  • Easy to formulate its ideas
  • Takes relatively a shorter period of time to construct
  • Less costs
  • You don’t need to shift in most cases

How much does a Single Storey Extension cost?

A single storey extension will cost you less than any other extension, especially when you partner with us. For the rare single storey extensions, the price may be higher due to the uniqueness and techniques considered before constructing it.
Generally, our prices for Single Storey extensions are cost effective, friendly, and negotiable. As the experts in new build, renovation, and conversions, we provide a genuine list of the single storey requirements.

We construct a single storey extension within the shortest time possible, so if at all you are interested in getting any extension construction, please contact us


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