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Double Storey Extensions for Modern Houses
Enlarge Your House without straining your pockets

Perhaps you are trying to find the best alternatives and suggestions when it comes to double storey Extensions. To add to that, you are trying to find the best contractors best suitable for your project.
You may not know much about us, but we possess ideal ideas when it comes to house construction and maintenance services. Through our unique ideas and skills, we have established or constructed several buildings plus single or double storey extension in Uxbridge. Our clients have 100% appreciated and benefitted from our services

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Why a Double Storey Extension/s

  • Double storey extensions have the ability of transforming the general appearance of your building from the outer view. More to that;
  • The double storey extensions increase natural light into your home
  • They will help you get a clear and a better view of the places around you
  • You are almost reaching the sky satisfying your inner self, especially when it comes to releasing stress. Rivers, seas, beaches, and malls, will be right at your nose regardless of the distance

Challenges when it comes to Double Storey Constructions

Adding a second storey to your house is a bit technical and requires much survey and observation of the existing building.

A double storey extension will automatically impose more weight and pressure on the house, therefore, it must be done in a way that the original structure is preserved without causing damage or making the house unsafe to live in

Building materials have to be considered carefully in terms of quality, weight and so on

You may need to consult the building authorities to prevent any inconveniences in the process due to the fact that it may cause obstruction to others in any way

How much will it cost me (Money and Time)?

Double storey extensions or ground floor extensions will obviously cost you more in terms of time and money, but with us, you do not need to worry about that.
Once you contact us for the project, we carry out the necessary survey, evaluate your plans and targets, provide you with modern ideas, make final decisions and then embark on construction which takes only a few weeks


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